About our Rottweilers


Rottweilers are a large and robust breed with ancestral ties to the great Mastiffs of the Roman Legions. They tend to be gentle and playful with their family, yet aloof and indifferent to strangers. With a history of herding and cattle protection, Rottweilers have the mass and disposition to defend their family against attack.



Rottweiler - Male
• DOB: July 5, 2018
• Nickname: Oso
• Pedigree Number: CMKU/RTW/15985/19
• Show Score: 2x CAJC, Junior BOB, 2x CAC, JUNIOR CHAMPION SK
Rottweiler - Male
• DOB: June 10, 2018
• Nickname: Saurus
• Pedigree Number: RTW 15730/18
• Show Score: multi EXCELLENT, 3x CAJC, Class winner, Regional winner, 2X BOJ, r.CAC, 5x CAC, r.CACIB, 2x CACIB, 2x BOB


Rottweiler - Female
• DOB: February 15, 2018
• Nickname: Vondra
• Show Scores: V2, V3
• Health Results: HD +/-, ED Frei (ADRK), JLPP N/N ZTP
Rottweiler - Female
• DOB: August 24, 2016
• Nickname: Indira
• Working Certification: BH, IGP 1
• Health Results: HD Frei, ED Frei (ADRK), JLPP N/N, P1+ o.r. ZTP

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