Search & Rescue K9s

About our Search & Rescue K9s


When human life is on the line and time is of the essence, you need the best tool in the box to get them to safety, a trained dog. Whether it is a lost or missing child, or remains that need to be returned to their family, our dogs and training are up to the task to get the job done.


Only the Best

Only the best dogs in our litters and classes make the cut to become fully authorized search and rescue dogs. The ability to consistently track and locate the target is a hard-earned skill that takes dedicated training and commitment. Our dogs and training are up to the task.


Highly Skilled

While dogs possess some of the best noses in the entire animal kingdom, that doesn't just automatically turn them into a skilled search dog. Our dogs earn their skills after many hours of training and practice with their handler. Our proven training program is the result of over 30 years of experience and success.

Committed to the Goal

Our dogs are driven to persevere and overcome obstacles to complete their mission and locate the victim. A dog's level of commitment to locate the person is vital to the success of the search because it could mean life or death to the person at the end of the scent trail.


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Labrador Retrievers

Award-Winning Champion Pedigress


German Shepherds

Award-Winning Bloodlines

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